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Architectural Review Committee

For questions, email:

2024 ARC Application

2024 Architectural Review Committee (ARC) General Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions Brochure


The Regency Place HOA's Architectural Review Committee (ARC) serves this community by reviewing requests for approval for exterior modifications that you plan to make to your property. ARC's purpose is to ensure the community maintains conformity and harmony for exterior design under the provisions of the Regency Place Covenants and Bylaws.


Homeowners MUST submit an ARC Application to any ARC member prior to beginning any work for review and approval. Failure to do so may result in a HOA violation. 

ARC Members:

2023 Architectural Review Committee members:

Petra Correa.jpg

Bob Armstrong


Richard Rose

Petra Correa


ARC Application Form:

Download and print the 2024 ARC Application.

Submit TWO (2) copies of completed ARC Application Form

Attach color samples, applicable permits (if necessary) and detailed information along with the ARC Application.

How & Where to Submit:

1. Hand Deliver to any ARC Members listed above
2. Via Certified Mail with return receipt requested to 170 Lady Diana Dr., Davenport, FL 33837


ARC Approval Process:

ARC has 30 days to review the application and supporting documents before making a decision. It is the homeowner's responsibility to obtain any applicable Polk County permit(s) prior to beginning any work. Failure to provide supporting documents will result in ARC Application being returned to the homeowner for additional information and may delay the approval.

ARC General Guideline and Frequently Asked Questions Brochure:

You can download the Regency Place Homeowners 2024 Architectural Review Committee (ARC) General Guidelines and Frequently Asked Questions Brochure to assist you with the MOST COMMON exterior projects and/or modifications for which an ARC Application must be submitted for approval. Homeowners should also review the Regency Place Covenant and Bylaws, and Additional Guidelines for details specific to your project.

HOA Approved Color Chart

The following Color Chart lists HOA Approved house, door, driveway and roof colors.

You MAY select a color that is NOT listed in the following chart, as long as the color is close in shade to the HOA approved colors.

Please be sure to include a color sample or color refence from the chart on your ARC Application, even if you are repainting the same color.


House Color 1.jpg
House Color 2.jpg
House Color 3.jpg
House Color 4.jpg


Door Color 1.jpg
Door Color 2.jpg


Driveway Color.jpg


Roof Color.jpg
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