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Resident Resources




Regency Place Community Pool hours are 8am to Dusk every day. No one is allowed in the pool after dusk per Polk County Health Department restrictions for Regency Place pool. If you see someone within the pool fence after dusk please call the Polk County Sheriff's Department at 863.534.6200 to report trespassers or contact the Regency Place HOA at 863.420.7799.


The pool will close at 6pm on the 17th of each month during the HOA Board monthly meetings. The pool may also be closed at 6pm on occasions when the HOA conducts emergency meetings. The Board is sorry for any inconvenience to swimmers.


NOTE: When there is stormy weather, especially when there is lightning and thunderstorms, you may find the pool closed early as well for the safety of all.

Community Pool Hours

Bulletin Board in Pool Area

The bulletin board is for resident advertisements. Please place your postcard-size or smaller advertisement for services, items for sale or even a lost pet in the HOA mailbox at the pool parking lot. A board member will then add your postcard into the bulletin board for approximately 30 days dependent on space available until further notice.

Lost & Found

From time to time, guests may have abandoned items at the community pool area. It is possible that if you left something at the pool that it was picked up and taken to a Board member. To find out if the HOA Board found your item, please call the HOA at 863.420.7799.


Items left unclaimed for more than 30 days will be discarded. 

Pet Regulations

All dogs and cats 4 month or age and over must be immunized against rabies by a licensed veterinarian. All dogs and cats must wear a valid county license tag at all times. Cats have the option of wearing a county approved identification collar with the licensed number marked on it in indelible ink.​


Homeowners must ensure that all dogs must remain on the owner’s property at all times unless they are on a leash or under the immediate direct control of the owner or a competent person eighteen years or older. Direct control means that the dog remains within your sight and hearing and is trained to obey your commands. Only sexually sterilized cats are allowed off the owner’s property. If your cat is sterilized and is allowed outdoors, it must wear a special county issued identification collar that identifies your cat as sterilized.

Spay and neuter your dogs and cats. Pet licenses for sterilized dogs and cats are much cheaper than non-sterilized. If your pet gets loose and you are fined, the fines are cheaper for sterilized dogs and cats.

Do not allow your dog or cat to be a neighborhood nuisance by soiling, barking or damaging property. Outdoor dogs and cats must have appropriate shelter. 

You may not be cruel, abandon or be neglectful to your pets.

Dogs that bite or aggressively chase or approach persons in public property other than the owner are subject to the State Dangerous Dog and Rabies Control Laws.

Violations of animal care and control laws may result in civil citations, mandatory court appearances or criminal prosecution. Please comply with the laws of the state and Polk County.


For more information, visit Animal Services FAQs at the Polk County Sheriff's Office Animal Services or call 863.577.1762.


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