Welcome to the Regency Place Homeowners' Association (HOA). Regency Place is a tranquil and diverse community. Our Homeowners' Association is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life of residents through timely communication, up-to-date information, helpful tips and guidance. Homeowners and residents are encouraged to use this website as a source of information and engagement to learn more about HOA Board Meetings and Board of Directors; Meet Architectural Review Committee (ARC) members and find out how to comply with HOA covenants, bylaws and guidelines; participate in community events; and provide valuable feedback. 

News Update

HOA Monthly Board Meeting on Tuesday, May 17  

Regency Place HOA Board Meeting will be held on Tuesday, May 17, 2022 at 6:30p.m. at the Regency Place pool. Please note the meeting date change.

Download your May Meeting agenda.

NOTE: The pool will close at 6pm on the 17th of each month for the HOA monthly meeting.

Regency Place May 2022 Yard of the Month

May 2022 Yard of the Month Winner is 301King George Dr. 

Check out photos of this month and all past winners. 


New Gate Access Phone Number 

Regency Place Gate Access phone was upgraded from 3G to 4G recently. The new incoming phone number is 863-206-1968. Please take a moment to update it in your contacts list so you know if someone is calling you from the main gate.

Regency Place Homeowners' Association

170 Lady Diana Dr.

Davenport, FL 33837

T: 863.420.7799

Email: sheri@regencyplacehomeowners.com

Important Reminders

Homeowner Dues:

Homeowner semi-annual assessment is due by March 1, 2022 and will be considered past-due thereafter. Statements have been mailed. Please be sure you are current on your homeowner dues payment.

Garbage Cans:

Garbage cans and non-yard items MUST BE STORED out of sight from the street. 


There is NO PARKING on the streets from 11pm to 7am. Violation of the Regency Place HOA parking rule may result in your vehicle being towed. Parking is also PROHIBITED on grass and non-paved areas anywhere in Regency Place. If your vehicle has been towed, please contact Webb's Towing at 863.967.2354.

ARC Approval:

Homeowners MUST submit an ARC Application BEFORE starting any exterior projects or modifications. Failure to do so will result in a HOA violation. Don't risk a HOA violation - contact ARC for clarification before starting any work. Go to ARC for more information.

Community Pool Hours:

Pool hours are from 8am to dusk. All children under 16 must have adult supervision at all times to ensure safety. Please be sure to follow the Polk County Health Department rules posted around the pool area.

NOTE: The pool will close at 6pm on the 17th of each month for the HOA monthly meeting. The pool may also be closed at 6pm on occasions when the HOA Board conducts emergency meetings.